Calgren Renewable Fuels LLC


The United States growing reliance on foreign oil imports is now close to 60%. That's double the level at the time of the 1973 oil embargo energy crises that crippled our economy. In recent years, the United States has now become 10% reliant on foreign imports of refined gasoline.

Environmental and infrastructure constraints severely limit the ability to add new domestic refining capacity, making this trend of higher reliance on foreign imports of refined and crude petroleum products unlikely to change or reverse. This trend is a major threat to long term economic and political stability here in the U.S. and overseas.

Developing domestic non petroleum fuel ethanol facilities is playing a key role in decreasing the negative impacts of reliance on foreign petroleum.

While there has not been a new oil refinery built in the U.S. production facilities in 30 years, over 100 ethanol plants producing over 6 billion gallons per year have been built.

Calgren will continue this trend of improving America's energy security, while creating high quality jobs and cleaning the environment by constructing a 55 million gallon/yr ethanol production facility in Pixley CA.. Every 21 gallons of ethanol produced by Calgren will displace a barrel of imported oil.